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Michigan Marijuana Secure Transporter License


The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs requires marijuana business owners to use a licensed secured transporter to transfer marijuana plants and products from one CannaBusiness location to another within the state of Michigan. A secure transporter license authorizes the licensee driver to store and transport marijuana and marijuana products, as well as any money associated with the purchase, exchange, or sale of marijuana between facility locations–at a cost set by the individual holding the secure transporter license. The new regulatory law defines a marijuana secure transporter as someone with  “a marihuana secure transporter [license] or an agent acting on behalf of a marihuana secure transporter [licensee who] is 21 years of age or older, possessing or storing marihuana; transporting marihuana to or from a marihuana establishment; or receiving compensation for services.”

A secure transporter may travel through any municipality to transport marijuana plant and cannabis-infused products to and from various cultivator, dispensary and manufacturer CannaBusinesses.

Michigan CannaBusinesses must Utilize a Marijuana Secure Transporter

It is mandatory that CannaBusinesses utilize a marijuana secure transporter to facilitate the movement and exchange of cannabis goods and products. Unfortunately, it is unknown at this point in time what the estimated costs will be to comply with the proper method of transportation by using the mandatory secure transporter for delivery of marijuana and marijuana products. As a result, it is strongly advised that prospective CannaBusiness owners plan ahead to ensure availability of a secure transporter and better prepare for the financial outlay involved.

Secure transporters are free to exercise discretion in their service rates because they are responsible for providing approximate cost estimates to CannaBusiness owners who are required under law to use a secure transporter. Typically, secure transporters respond to the requests of the person with legal custody of the marijuana or money; a CannaBusiness owner usually reaches out to secure transporters to request marijuana transportation services that comply with the new Michigan state regulations.

Michigan Secure Transporter Employee Requirements

Transportation plays a key role in ensuring recreational marijuana stays within the regulated market and the importance of marijuana secure transporters is reflected by the list of requirements for licensees. For example, each driver transporting marijuana must have a chauffeur’s license issued by the state. Each employee who has custody of marijuana or money that is related to the marijuana transaction may not have been convicted of or released from incarceration for a felony.

Although secure transporter licensing fees come with expensive fees and tough application requirements, these stringent requirements, or conditions, are enforced in order to protect the safety, security, and integrity of the operation of CannaBusiness. The versatility of, and demand for, marijuana secure transporter licenses offer an attractive option for prospective CannaBusiness license applicants.

Prior to submitting applications to the department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs it is important to consult with an attorney. When considering whether to open a marijuana related business in Michigan it is important to consult with an attorney to ensure compliance with the MMMA and MRTMA. Great Lakes Bay Legal Consulting, Attorney Nathan J. Collison can assist individuals and business with licensing applications and CannaBusiness planning. Schedule a Consultation Today.

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